Parent Coaching
" all these things we are more than conquerors
through him that loved us."
(Romans 8:37)

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For those families that want to grow stronger, CBL Parenting Institute offers personalized Parent Coaching.  Building on a family’s current strengths and customizing a plan to meet the needs and goals of the family, coaches assist each family in moving in a positive direction in family relationships.   Parent Coaching provides:

  • In-depth initial assessment and defining of goals
  • A plan built on biblical principles
  • Regular one-on-one meetings with your coach (either in person, via            skype/facetime, or on the phone)
  • Access to CBL Parenting Institute online courses as they apply to
your individual plan
  • Easy e-mail access to your Coach for questions between meetings
  • On-going long term support and coaching for significant and lasting            results

Who is Parent Coaching for?
Parent Coaching is for any parent of any age child.   Whether things are spiraling out of control, or you are currently at the top of your game, your Coach will support and encourage you in your skills as a parent.  Just as athletes, especially world-class athletes, find validity in the support of a Coach, parents find coaching a significant asset to their family life. 

Does the Coach work with my child?
No, Parent Coaching is designed specifically for parents.  CBL Parenting Institute believes that the best coaches for children are their parents, and that for long term results the relationship between the parent and the child needs to be strong.  Your Parent Coach will give specific assistance in developing the skills and the type of relationship where your coaching of your child is effective.

How Does Parent Coaching Work?
Parent Coaching is designed to be a long-term relationship that will impact your family for a lifetime.  This God-centered approach gives opportunity for support and ongoing coaching through the process of attaining the goals set out for your family.  Initially, there will be frequent and in-depth sessions with your Parent Coach.  Over the year, your sessions will flow to match the progress you are making in reaching your goals.  Finally, your Parent Coach will continue to encourage you for a time beyond the reaching of your goals, in order to develop the habits that will maintain the progress you have made. 

How Is Parent Coaching Funded?
Parent coaching is funded exclusively through donations to the Scholarship Fund for Families in Crisis.