"...in all these things we are more than conquerors
through him that loved us."
(Romans 8:37)

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"The Razvi family, of Conquered By Love Ministries, is a remarkable family that has seen miracles in their home as the power of God's love has conquered "impossible" odds. You will be wonderfully encouraged by this family's powerful testimony through their workshops, books and discipleship mentoring. Their materials make complex and difficult topics accessable and logical, enabling paralyzed parents to be given hope and strategies for bringing remarkable health and healing to themselves and their children. And if this works in the most difficult situations, how much more so for typical parenting struggles."

- Bernie and Linda Beall
  Founders, Great Commission Families
*HSLDA is mentioned here for identification purposes only.  HSLDA does not officially endorse CBL Parenting Institute.
"Having personally known the Razvi family for many years, I can attest that they really do live out in everyday life what they teach. I have seen first-hand the transformative work they have accomplished with their traumatized adopted children. I have witnessed God's faithfulness in their lives as they have applied His principles of love and nurture to very emotionally needy children.  I have seen them share Conquered By Love principles and watched the positive, encouraging impact of that sharing on the lives of other adoptive families. It is a great honor for me to highly recommend Conquered By Love Ministries, their books, workshops, and parent coaching."

-  Gary L. Cox, Superintendent
  Walkersville Christian Family Schools
"My wife and I have found the Razvi’s insightful experience helpful and encouraging.  Their Christ centered approach to family discipleship is just what we all need!  Families of any size whether facing serious challenges or just desiring to refocus on family will benefit from the wisdom and compassion of Raz and Tami!"

- Mike Donnelly, Esq.
  Staff Attorney, Director of International Relations