Below are listed some of our most popular sessions.   There are other topics that are available, and these topics are able to be customized for your event as well. 

Practice: Are You Trying to Train Your Child on the Field During the Game?
Would anyone consider taking his child to play in a soccer game without ever having taken him to practice; and then punishing him for every wrong play that he makes on the field?  If so, could he actually learn to play the game?  Well, he might. But it would make so much more sense to take him to practice first.  Children need to practice life skills much more than sports skills.   After the Razvi family’s first adoption of a sibling group of 5 hurting and out-of-control children, chaos reigned: but no longer.  Come hear about the unique positive training methods used by the Razvi family to raise a well-disciplined family of 12 children (5 birth children and 7 adopted children). 

Conquering Sibling Rivalry
How can parents take care of needed tasks while the children constantly vie for attention or bicker whenever their  backs are turned?  Simply put, they can’t.  But the Razvis understand that situation because that’s what it was like for them just after their first adoption of a sibling group of five children.  Come and hear how they have conquered that sibling rivalry and forged strong bonds between siblings.  They will share the tremendous impact sibling relationships have on the family.  This workshop will leave you encouraged that you can truly have peace in your homeschool. 

Is Your Marriage Hitting “Bad Cell Areas?”
Imran and Tami Razvi have been married for 20 years and are together raising 12 children.  Believe it or not, they still sometimes hit “bad cell” areas in their relationship.  Good communication is so important in a marriage.  Come laugh with Imran and Tami over some of the “bad cell” areas they have hit over the years.   Imran and Tami will share with you the strategies they use to quickly recognize and move out of “bad cell” areas as well as avoid driving through them as often as possible.  Come be encouraged and go home with an exercise to clear all the static from your lines of communication.

Family Unity: Finding God’s Vision for Your Family – How to Be in One Accord with God and Each Other
We are called to disciple our children.  But what a beautiful thing it is to get to the place where our children are wishing to be discipled by us- coming to us to ask for prayer and counsel over sin struggles in their hearts.   Do you know God’s vision for your family?  Do your children know it?  Are you headed there together?  Are you connected to your child’s heart?  If your child is a toddler, now is the time to begin paving the way to family unity.  If he is already a teenager, don’t miss this workshop.  If God’s love can conquer unity challenges in the Razvi’s family of 12 children (7 adopted and 5 birth children) he can conquer those challenges in any family.  Come hear our story and take away practical tools for developing family unity.

Focus on Honor – A Dad’s Role
Honor is a lost concept in the western world.  Yet it is a biblical mandate.  How important is honor?  What does it mean to honor God?  What does it mean to honor your father and mother?  And how do those concepts play out in daily life?  Even if Mom covers most of the basics of childcare, Dad’s role is crucial.  What is that role and how does honor play a part in it?  Come and take a peek into the life of the Razvi family and hear what a blessing honor has been for this family of 14.  

Adoption: A Beautiful Reflection of God’s Relationship with Us
Is your adopted child struggling?   Or have you ever considered adopting but…?   The Razvi family helps to answer some of the common questions and misconceptions about adoption.  For instance: it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think.  And the Razvi family addresses some of the challenges faced by adoptive families and how to overcome them.   The Razvi family has adopted a sibling group of 5, and 2 more children through single adoptions.  Come and hear about the challenges and miracles that they have seen through the wonderful addition of 7 adoptive children to their family of 5 birth children.

How and Why We Plan Our Week
How can a family of fourteen manage all the basic necessities of life and still stay sane?  Come and hear the Razvis share how important planning is for their home, what methods they use, and why they use them.  Be encouraged that it is possible to not only stay sane but to cover the necessities and still maintain the joy of a God-centered household.  Come hear their definition of the word “necessities” along with practical tips for planning.   Walk away encouraged that if a family with 12 children can do it, so can you.

Can a busy family really be hospitable?  Does God really expect that of us?  If a family showed up at your door right about dinner time someday this week, would you be excited to see them or stressing over the state of your house and the impossibility of including several more people in the evening meal?  Come hear the Razvi family share our stories of  Imran’s relatives  showing up unexpectedly and throwing pebbles at their window at 11:00 at night.  Tami dragged her feet the whole way; but now absolutely loves the concept of hospitality.  If we can love it with 12 children at home you can too.  Get some insight on the beauty of God’s design of hospitality, the positive impact it can have on a family, and some practical tips for being hospitable without becoming overwhelmed. 

Choosing the Right Pace in Homeschooling
How do you determine the pace your child should take through academics?   Is the public school method of changing grades with chronological age the best method?  Are there any other options?   The Razvis are uniquely qualified to answer this question, having children on both ends of the spectrum.   They adopted children with learning disabilities who were years “behind” academically.  Yet they also have a son who had completed his bachelor’s degree and enrolled in a Master’s of Divinity program by the time he was 17 years old, and began law school at 18.  Come and hear the Razvis share how and why the pace of schooling should be uniquely tailored to each child.

Individual Workshop Topics
" all these things we are more than conquerors
through him that loved us."
(Romans 8:37)

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